Lucy Margaret Scroggs {Baton Rouge Family Photos}

This kid!! She makes the greatest faces. This is the second time I’ve had the joy of photographing Lucy Margaret's awesome expressions and they get better and better. Once again we met to do some family photos at Capitol Park in downtown Baton Rouge. Time flies with kiddos like this one. Looking forward to watching her grow!

Check out her Fall portraits here!

Happy Wednesday!

Baton Rouge child portraits


ClaireElysePhotography_HollyScroggs_FamilyPhotos2014-0075 ClaireElysePhotography_HollyScroggs_FamilyPhotos2014-0088

6 month photos by baton rouge photographer downtown

ClaireElysePhotography_HollyScroggs_FamilyPhotos2014-0178 ClaireElysePhotography_HollyScroggs_FamilyPhotos2014-0357 ClaireElysePhotography_HollyScroggs_FamilyPhotos2014-0368 Thanks for stopping by!