Melinda Jaye Tucker...My sister & her bridal photos! {Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer}

My sister, Melinda, was married to Loren Tucker last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. It was an awesome weekend full of many emotions and will serve as sweet memories for my whole family for years to come.

    We did her bridals in Calhoun, Louisiana at our dad’s childhood home and where our grandmother has lived long before any of us came into the world. Grandma Hutch wasn’t able to make the drive to the wedding, but she and our other fearless grandmother who was called home almost a year and a half ago now, were with us in every way on this memorable day. Their legacies and love were evident in every aspect of the wedding. What a sweet legacy it is. Grandma Hutch is pictured here helping Melinda get ready for her bridals including the necklace Melinda wore on her wedding day that has two charms representing Grandma Hutch and in memory of Grandma Jean or "Glam Gram."

I wrote a toast for Melinda and Loren that I gave at the wedding and I thought it might be best to reiterate the things I said today as I post Melinda’s bridals:) here it is!:

“Good Evening,  My name is Claire. I’m the maid of honor and Melinda’s younger sister.

As sister of the bride, I feel it’s my duty to educate the few folks here who may not know our bride as well as the groom. As many of you probably know when you grow up with an older sibling they are the ones that actually teach you most of the things you need to know in order to make it out there in the world. Older sisters especially teach you things like:

-what to wear the first day of school in order to fit in

-how to stay on pitch while singing along to Reba in the car

-And how to get the best results when asking Mom and Dad for more money.

Well, older siblings are also often the ones who teach you your first four letter word! Melinda was no exception...she taught me my very first four letter word at a very young age…


Now, before you get the wrong idea you should know that in our home growing up “Diva” was a very endearing word. Diva’s could sing very well...obviously. But beyond being a an incredible singer, being a diva..or strong woman...came naturally for Melinda growing up and she wore it well. Melinda comes from a long line of strong women, so to us a Diva was a passionate goal setter who wouldn’t give up. A diva was determined, self-assured, and persistent. My big sister fit the bill and gave an example of thoughtful perseverance and the joy that comes with knowing and accepting who you are in your own skin. In all aspects of her life, Melinda knew what God made her to do and how to do it well. Melinda is and always has been extremely talented in more ways than the one we all know her for. I’ve never seen her do anything half-way. She is a committed, talented, thoughtful, diva...sure of who she is and what she was made for and it’s contagious to those around her including the one that grew up watching it. Loren, she will be all of these things and more in your marriage. So remember what you already know...this girl is one of a kind..and trust’ll never stop learning from her.

  On June 24, 2012 at 11:33 pm. I received a text message from Melinda that said...and I quote.

‘Sister! Would you say I had a good date when the guy sends home with his highlighted copy of this?!!:)’

She then sent me a picture of the book ‘Prodigal God’, by Tim Keller. It happened to be a book that I had just finished. It’s by one of my favorite authors who is a pastor in New York City so naturally I replied to her message saying ‘yes..this is a good sign.’ Melinda then began to tell me all about her successful first date with this guy named Loren and we all know the rest of the story. Well, that book being one of my favorites to this day and being such a major part of what has led us here today...I decided to re-read it in the weeks leading up to tonight and I thought I might share a favorite quote from it that I feel sums up the real reason we’re here, what led us here, and what will be the only thing that can sustain you two as you go from here in marriage.

    ‘Jesus shows us there is another way: through him. And to enter that way and to live a life based on his salvation will bring us finally to the ultimate party and feast at the end of history. We can have a foretaste of that future salvation now: in prayer, in service to others, in the changes in our inner nature through the gospel, and through the healed relationships that Christ can give us now...

But they are only a foretaste of what is to come.’

To Melinda and Loren. May God bless you in marriage and strengthen you each day in him. I love you."

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