Spencer + Rachel...My brother & his Baton Rouge Engagements.

I’ve known Spencer since the day I was brought to the hospital after he was born on May 21, 1992. I can’t tell you what my first impression of my little brother was at 4 years old….but I can try…

with words that will inevitably fail to do it justice…

to express my impressions of him almost 22 years later.

Spencer was a blonde-haired blue-eyed boy my Mom had always wanted. She literally had dreams of having a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes and I think she probably would have kept trying until God granted her wish. Well he did for the third one.… and Spencer became the baby of the family. With two strong-willed older sisters, Spencer rarely got a word in at the dinner table growing up…but when he did we all knew it would be good. With a rich sense of humor, strong convictions ingrained in the very heart of who he is, and the passion, sensitivity, and wit he got straight from our Father, Spencer captivates his audience when he speaks. He is strong. but he will be moved to heartache when confronted with the injustice of others. Spencer has the sensitivity, passion, drive, and steadiness of both our parents combined. I think I didn’t really realize most of my childhood that Spencer wasn’t really my age. He was my closest companion especially in summers when all there was to do was build another fort, ride our bikes around the cul-de-sac, and wrestle to the point of scaring my mom convinced we would break something or each other in the process. I can’t think of anything Spencer hasn’t been able to do when he sets out to do it. From the time he first learned to throw a baseball to deciding to be the sports editor at the Reveille, LSU’s student newspaper, Spencer decides he wants to do something, he commits, and he sticks with it.

This steady loyalty has played out the most in two areas of his life so far…sports…and the woman he loves. Spencer and Rachel have been together for over 7 years. They are highschool sweethearts, but first met as children in church together. On May 31st this year…almost exactly 22 years after the day I met him, Spencer and Rachel will get married in Baton Rouge where they’ve spent the last 4 years attending LSU together. After that they will move to Dallas to no doubt accomplish much more than they already have..together. Spencer and Rachel’s relationship, from an older sister’s point of view, fits exactly who Spencer is. He is committed to the people and the things he loves..for life. He will fight for those he loves and he’s done that for Rachel and I know he will continue to.

Spencer, you make me proud, bud. Always have…always will. I love you



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