The Beauregard-Keyes House...A Stunning New Orleans Wedding Venue

People often ask me what are my favorite venues to shoot weddings or which are my favorite vendors. This is usually a pretty difficult question as I do feel that Baton Rouge and New Orleans and really most of South Louisiana have countless incredibly beautiful areas, houses, venues, and downtown locations that make for incredible wedding venues..and then you throw in those who are awesome to work with and it ends up being a pretty difficult task!

I know many couples will be planning a lot this summer so I thought I'd send my two cents about vendors and venues that we have really thoroughly enjoyed working alongside in the last few years.


Beauregard-Keyes House_WeddingVenue_NewOrleans

One of our favorites is the Beauregard-Keyes House in the French Quarter. I really can't believe that I spent three years in this business not even knowing this place existed. Part of the appeal of this place is just's a new old and beautiful option for an authentic New Orleans wedding that provides opportunity to have a unique day but with the traditional aspects of New Orleans most brides really want. I first discovered this place when a lovely bride of mine decided she wanted to do her bridals here earlier this year. As a photographer..this house with its gardens is a dream setting.



ClaireElysePhotography_BeauregardKeyesHouse_NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer-1294 ClaireElysePhotography_NewOrleansVenue_BeauregardKeyesHouse-1326


Beauregard-KeyesHouse_ClaireElysePhotography_BeauregardKeyesHouse-1361I find what is equally important with any venue is the staff and those you'll work with. Ella at Beauregard-Keyes instantly added to the appeal of the house when I met her. She truly cares about the house and its history and equally cares about providing excellent service to brides on their wedding day. When I asked her what is most important to her and the team at Beauregard-Keyes this is what she had to say:


"This house was designed as a space to entertain so it is always exciting to see the House being used to it's full potential, full of people celebrating life. I also love knowing that new memories are being added to the story of the House and that the people that get married here will always have a connection to this place."

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The House was built in 1826 by Joseph Le Carpentier, a well-to-do auctioneer. Seven years later it came into the possession of John A. Merle, the consul of Switzerland. Old plans show that a formal garden was constructed about that same time. Through the years of its checkered history, the house had many owners and in 1865 when General Pierre Gustav Toutant Beauregard, noted Confederate leader who hailed from Louisiana, returned to New Orleans he lodged there for eighteen months.




In 1944, Frances Parkinson Keyes, a well known novelist, came to Louisiana, rented the house and eventually took it over. Mrs. Keyes made the cottage her winter residence for a quarter of a century and wrote several of her books here, among them Dinner At Antoine’s, The Chess Player (Paul Morphy), and Blue Camellia.

Gardens_WeddingVenue_ClaireElysePhotography_BeauregardKeyesHouse-1536 NewOrleans Wedding_Venue_ClaireElysePhotography_BeauregardKeyesHouse-1566


Rich New Orleans history, great service from those who not only care about the rich history but those who get to enjoy it, and a simply stunningly beautiful place are all reasons we think this venue should be considered when planning your wedding. You can read more about the Beauregard-Keyes House online at their website below. Give Ella a call. You won't regret it:).

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