The weekend, Bess & Julian

Happy Friday Morning!

I am back from travels...briefly. It's been a crazy summer and I'm not at all interested in complaining about that because we have had some funnnn trips and weddings this season. Of course moving home and office in the midst of it has made things very interesting to say the least, but it all seems worth it when I can sit down with my morning cup of coffee in a place that finally feels like home and enjoy my favorite part of the day.

We will be leaving town a little over a week from now to document some ministries and stories in Haiti. I will post more details about it next week, but in the meantime please be praying for our time there, safe travels, and the people we'll be serving and photographing. I'm absolutely thrilled at the opportunity, and just wanting to be open to however God will use our time there.

For now I'll leave you on this weekend with a fun engagement/post-nuptial session of some friends of mine. These two go to my church here in Baton Rouge. They've been here over a year now and have been married just a little longer than that. Bess and Julian never had engagements made so we hung out downtown and fixed them up with some engagement/post-nuptial goodness.

Check these out...wishing a happy and restful weekend to all!

Bess&Julian-0410 Bess&Julian-0414 Bess&Julian-0529 Bess&Julian-0538 Bess&Julian-0600 Bess&Julian-0601 Bess&Julian-0668 Bess&Julian-0682 Bess&Julian-0687 Bess&Julian-0702 Bess&Julian-0782 Bess&Julian-0788 Bess&Julian-0834 Bess&Julian-0839 Bess&Julian-0876 Bess&Julian-0890 Bess&Julian-0920 Bess&Julian-0928 Bess&Julian-0954 Bess&Julian-0957 Bess&Julian-0991 Bess&Julian-0996

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