Alicia & Ryan...Baton Rouge Engagements

I started this little thing I call my business, I sought out to learn everything there was to know about photography & running a business. As weeks of excitement turned into months of steady learning, I quickly discovered that learning everything there is to know about photography only goes so far...

but learning everything there is to business...well there's no end to that.

In each conference, seminar, online tutorial, and class I've ever been a part of from the beginning of this somehow the discussion always comes around to making sure you get the "right kind of clients."

There are strategies and pointers galore out there to teach said inquisitor about such unknown territory, but I've found there's one rule that never fails...

 picking the clients that aren't clients at all...they're friends...or they become friends.

Ryan and Alicia have been nothing short of amazing "clients" and honestly at this point I'm so charmed by who they are and what they are together that getting to shoot their wedding is just icing on the cake.

Kate and I had dinner with these two the other night at one of their favorite sushi restaurants here in town

(Must. Try. Rock.N.Sake.)

and it was a little teaser and taste of what this wedding will be awesome!

Alicia and Ryan had their first date at what was once the Wine Loft in Downtown Baton Rouge. Though the loft has a new name, I met Alicia and Ryan there and we had an amazing...(once again almost torrential down pour)...journey through downtown Baton Rouge for their engagement session.

Alicia and Ryan...I'm ready to close the gap between now and your wedding day:)

You guys are awesome and have been such a blast already.

Here's to you

Thanks for stopping by,