Harry and Susan

What a treat when I get to take photos of such cute couples. These two were so giggly throughout our shoot and really what could be better than making each other laugh for an hour? 

Harry and Susan will have a wedding next year, so we did these photos in New Orleans City Park (one of my fave locations) in January. Harry was deployed a week after these were taken. 

What a joy to be a part of this moment for them.

Wishing you two all the best in this year apart as you look forward to forever together! 

Thanks for stopping by! 


JP & Lindsey, New Orleans Engagements.

Lindsey and JP met me at City Park the week we thought a hurricane might be coming for New Orleans. The day before a potential hurricane turned out to be some solid photoshoot weather and even provided a little wind effect I didn't hate. 

JP and Lindsey will be getting married in March and will have folks coming from all over to see New Orleans for the first time! I had a blast finally meeting these two. What a pair!

Congrats you guys. 

John & Jennifer...Audubon Park New Orleans Engagements

I love it when the forecast looks grim only to surprise with the most glorious of days! 

John and Jennifer's engagement session was set for Audubon Park months in advance...and on a  day that the two could make it since they are long distance right now. John lives in DC while Jennifer is in Nola. The threat of rain is never fun for a steamy Louisiana day...especially when it hadn't stopped raining for weeks! 

But...the rain held off...literally until the last minute when we all got in our cars to leave and the bottom fell out. So thankful for that timing and for such a wonderful morning getting to know these two. 

Jennifer and John, I can't wait for the wedding day! You two are too cute. Thanks friends. 

Brian & Chelsea...New Orleans Terrell House Wedding

Have I said before that the Terrell House is my fave venue in New Orleans? Because it is! 

Brian and Chelsea were married there on April 22nd! They wanted to spend some good time around the New Orleans Garden District taking pictures along the route of a tour of the area they went on together. I always love it when couples want to set aside some time to get some great photos together!  It was a magical day! 

Congratulations to Brian and Chelsea! 

Ceremony & Reception: The Terrell House

Wedding coordinator: Linda Terrell

Florist: The Terrell House

Cake Artist: Cake Artist

Hair and Makeup: The Parlour Salon & Blush and Bashful

The Dress: Calvet Couture Bridal by Nicole Miller

Rental: Ooh La La Music Company

Reid & Camille....New Orleans French Quarter Wedding

You might remember Reid and Camille from earlier this year! We had a fun day of photos in the French Quarter and Cafe du Monde when we did their engagements. 

Round two was a blast. Reid & Camille's wedding was at Latrobe's on Royal in the French Quarter in early December. It was a rainy day but the rain didn't threat an incredible second line all through the French Quarter to end a spectacular celebration!

Congrats you two! Wishing you all the best in marriage and your careers in sunny California!



Ceremony & Reception: Latrobe's on Royal

Coordinator: Christie Chopin

Videographer: Chad Dyle - Dyle Films

Florist:  Kim Starr Wise

Cake Artist: Bittersweet Confectionary

Band: Luther Kent

Hair Arist: Buff Beauty

The Dress: Monique Lhuillier

 Ceremony MusicianHarry Hardin




Brad & Desiree...New Orleans, Louisiana {New Orleans Wedding Photographer}


Brad and Desiree were married on February 8th at St. Theresa of Avila Catholic Church in New Orleans.

Their reception took place at The Foundry in New Orleans's Warehouse District. This was our first time to shoot at The Foundry. It was a super awesome venue in such a great location.

We got to do a little of my favorite kind of New Orleans shooting...stopping a bit of traffic to get that shot which it turns out is much less dangerous in the Warehouse District!

I especially love it when we get a chance to photograph some cool kids during a wedding day. Brad's son, Jackson, was no exception. Jackson has some swag for sure.

Take a look!


Brad&DesireeWedding-7945 Brad&DesireeWedding-7979

NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-8133 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-8184 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-8253 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-8289 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-8293




Brad&DesireeWedding-8328 Brad&DesireeWedding-8378 Brad&DesireeWedding-8401 Brad&DesireeWedding-8422

NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-8449 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-8460

Brad&DesireeWedding-8474 Brad&DesireeWedding-8603 Brad&DesireeWedding-8606





Brad&DesireeWedding-9081Brad&DesireeWedding-8346 Brad&DesireeWedding-9160 Brad&DesireeWedding-9204 Brad&DesireeWedding-8916 Brad&DesireeWedding-8918 Brad&DesireeWedding-8926



NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-8856 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-8871 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-9307 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-9329 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-9414


NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-9438 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-9452





NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-0344 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-0370 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-0361 Brad&DesireeWedding-1103



NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-0177 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-0262 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-0614 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-0751 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-0996 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-1006 NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-1263


NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-1508NewOrleansWeddingPhotographer_ClaireElyse-0833 Many thanks to Brad & Desiree for having me be a part of this awesome New Orleans Wedding!

Thanks for stopping by!


Matt + Kelsi...Monroe, Louisiana {Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer}

You may remember Matt and Kelsi's engagements from last summer. We took Matt, Kelsi, and their precious dogs' photos at and around Neville High School in Monroe, Louisiana where Matt and Kelsi first met.

A few minutes down the road and just a few years later, these two were married on February 1st!

Matt and Kelsi, what a joy to be a part of your wedding day and to get to celebrate with your sweet families and friends! It was honor and we wish you two many years of growth, blessings, and joy in marriage with one another!

Many thanks!

BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-4836 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-4614

BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-4586 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-5482

BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-4545 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-4655 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-4776


BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-5324 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-5345 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-5358 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-5383BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-5627 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-5472 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-5478 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-7838


BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-5958 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-7999

BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-6146 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-6368 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-6596 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-6813

BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-7661 BatonRougeWeddingPhotographer-7410