Matt + Lindsay...Baton Rouge Wedding

I met Lindsay a few years ago when we both were in college. We knew each other through a mutual dear friend, Meredith, who was in Lindsay's sorority and whose engagements were the very first engagement shoot I ever did! I remember after I finished Meredith's photos, Lindsay came to me and said

"one day you're going to shoot my wedding."

A couple of weeks ago..I had the honor of doing just that.

That conversation was long before Lindsay first met Matt over coffee talking about mutual friends and experiences. Matt and Lindsay both spent time in Africa doing mission work with the same group...but at different times. This is what ultimately brought them together and God has provided a way for them to just a few months.

To Matt & Lindsay...I pray the joy you experienced on your wedding is just a glimpse of what God provides and has for you two in the future. It was truly an honor to be a part of your engagement and your day:)

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Ceremony: Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church

Reception: White Oak Plantation

Coordinator: Allie Wester

Videography: The Loupe Theory

Florist: Fleur Du Jour

Cake Artist: Baum's Fine Pastries

Makeup: Mallory Babin, Paris Parker Salon

Hair: Shauna Avants, Paris Parker Salon

Bridesmaid Dresses: AnnTaylor

Tuxes: Squire's

Caterer: John Folse, White Oak Plantation

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