Ben...Baton Rouge Child Portraits

I had the opportunity to first meet Ben about a year and a half ago when we did some portraits of him at his home by the LSU lakes.

You can check out his Baton Rouge portrait session here

While hanging out with Ben a couple weeks ago, I was reminded of how special it is to get to do shoots at the client's home. Especially for child or family portraits, it makes such a huge difference to have familiar people, toys, and environment to get great shots. There comes a time when a child realizes that you're there to take photos of them, and that can sometimes be something to warm up to...

and at times never grown out of just as I still sometimes don't like my photo to be taken:)

Ben warmed up to the idea of me being there quite quickly once we started playing together on his tree house/swing set.

It's not too shabby to get to play with kids and by doing so get some great images for them to have.

Check out Ben's photos and as you plan for your family portraits..consider having them taken at home or somewhere around town that you frequent as a family especially if you have toddlers or older. Beyond everyone feeling real comfortable, it's pretty special to have natural and memorable moments captured at home.


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