Max & Molly...Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans Wedding

I first officially met Max and Molly at a really awesome bar and eatery in their Washington DC neighborhood of all places:)

Kate and I went to visit a friend in DC a year and a half ago and while I was planning the trip, Molly called and asked me to shoot her New Orleans Wedding the following winter.

(the fact that that was a year and a half

Max and Molly have new jobs, moved to Chicago, and are now married!!

These two are so chill in the very best way. It rained their entire wedding day...hard. It was a true Louisiana rain in all its glory, but that didn't bother Max and Molly. Seriously I never heard one complaint, worry, or concern. These two were busy focusing on the real reason for their wedding day.

In spite of a backup rain plan this wedding was still a photographer's dream:)

Max and Molly, it has been so fun getting to know you guys the last year and a half. You two are one of a kind and I'm so thankful! It was truly my joy!

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Max&Molly-0382 Max&Molly-0279 Max&Molly-9885

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Max&Molly-0347 Max&Molly-0689 Max&Molly-0776 Max&Molly-0784 Max&Molly-0809

Max&Molly-0524 Max&Molly-0936

Max&Molly-0955 Max&Molly-0963Max&Molly-9472

Max&Molly-9547Getting Ready: Hotel Monteleone

Ceremony: Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church

Reception: Hotel Monteleone

The Dress: Southern Bridal

Flowers: Meade Wentzel

Coordinator: Barbara Cobb, Hotel Monteleone

Caterer: Hotel Monteleone

Videographer: Montoto Productions

Cake Artist: Hotel Monteleone

Band: Louisiana Spice

Makeup: Suzzette Stuprich

Hair: Conchetta

Tuxes: Perlis

Photobooth: Mobile Memories Booth

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