The Roberts Family Christmas Portraits...[Baton Rouge Family Portrait Photographer]

Pretty much since I started this business, I've had the joy of spending time with the Roberts family to capture some Baton Rouge holiday portraits each December.

This family and kids I used to watch weekly have been such a tremendous and important part of the start of this business in multiple ways. I'm so thankful for the ways God has used the Roberts and even their extended family in the life of my work and in encouragement to stick with it each step!

Not to mention, these kids are a ton of fun! What a blessing to get to be a part of their celebrating the Christmas season each year!

Trey, Nancy, Laurel, Frances, and William thank you for everything.

Wishing you guys and all readers a wonderful and joyful Christmas!!

BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-1 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-2 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-3 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-4 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-5 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-6 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-8 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-10 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-12 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-13 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-14 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-15 BatonRougeFamilyPhotographer-17

Merry Christmas!