Allison + Grant

So I've been fretting a lot about this post because, if you haven't noticed already...

I'm not really a writer

I try to hide it but it shows.

This is one of those times when I want so badly to be eloquent and for the words I type to form sentences that will in turn somehow make you feel what I'm feeling as I write.

But...though I don't have that ability...I owe it to this couple to try

So...I'm taking a sip of my wonderfully dependable Cranberry/Earl Grey from Highland Coffees

turning on my New Soul Pandora station

and starting my day off right

...I met Allison only 3 years ago??

seems so much longer

And 3 years seems so insignificant.

But anyone who has lived a little bit of life away from home, felt alone, pretended to be an adult, or had a broken heart really understands a friendship like mine and Allison's. I could easily say "oh..we've been through it all together" but again...doesn't do it justice

Allison and I are never hesitant to say "yeah...we really shouldn't be friends right now"

This isn't because we don't like each other. This is because God above has chosen to teach me so many somethings through just 3 years of living life with this girl.

The gospel is real...and it seeps through every crack of our lives

most particularly in our relationships

I can truly say that the only possible explanation for

a. the way my heart leaps when I see this dear friend

b. the couple you're about to see love each other so well

and..c. the uncanny miracle of being able to stand up after falling on our faces, disappointing the ones we love, crying the tears of someone else's broken heart, and feeling a joy that not even the sunniest day on the water can pretend to be responsible for

is that there is a God

and He graciously gives more than we can fathom or understand

and so much more than we deserve

Ask me or Allison why we shouldn't be friends...we'd love to sit and talk to you about it.

So...needless to say. These are not just photographs...

This is the story of a past and a future.

We shot half of these engagements in Allison's college apartment..we like to call it Ivanhoe (which has so much history in and of itself I could write multiple short stories about it...but we'll leave it at the fact that there are generations of  RUF girls who have slept, cooked, cried, prayed, read, and danced in the comfort of those walls)

and the other half were shot in Allison and Grant's first home together...

I couldn't have asked for better places to shoot these two...Allison wanted to be in places that are special to them...and she hit the nail on the head with these cozy, sunny representations of their past and future together.

These two are dreamers and fellow business starters. You'll be hearing a lot about them in the any time I mention Fullness Organic...South Garden Project...the cookbook we're working on or organic farming's these two who are behind the scenes. They're about to do some big things and I'm so thankful to get to watch it unfold.

BUT..I won't be shooting this wedding

I have the overwhelming joy of being able to stand with Allison and Grant as they promise to stick together while spending their lives figuring out what loving each other means.

This couple brings smiles when they walk in the room. They are two of my biggest supporters and constantly bring words of encouragement. They are gracious, handy, generous, thoughtful servants. This is just the beginning of what God is and will do through them together and individually.

Grant and Allison, my friends, I'm honored.

Here's to many many years....

Grant proposed with the ring in this Altoids box:)

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another"

Love to you