Where in the World...

...is Claire Elyse Photography??

so I've been a bit M.I.A.

But still taking oh so many pictures..


I'll be posting for a while all the stuff I should have posted all these last few months

I've had two amazing/educational conferences in New Orleans and Las Vegas

spent a few months on a thesis project for school (now an official graduate of LSU's Art and Design program!!)

took a few trips in there

and God has been so good to bless this business with many clients for the New Year

lots to be excited about in this next year...so don't give up on me and keep checking

but first...some pictures of my cousin's children we took at Thanksgiving.

I'll give you hundreds of dollars if you can successfully refrain from smiling when looking at these kids...

you can't do it...i'm telling you..you just can't

told ya:)