Anna and Bo

There was a time when I knew no one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

My freshman year of college my family brought all of my junk and we moved me in to the tiny dorm that I would call home for at least a year.

Now I didn't fully understand God's character 5 years ago and that he literally works all things together for our good. I should have known what that meant that first day I was away from my family and all things familiar.

I met 3 lovely ladies that day who would become some of the dearest friends I've had.

Anna is one of those girls

She became my roommate, my late night dance buddy, my comfort in the toughest hurts, my prayer warrior, my friday coffee break, and one of the greatest encouragements God has given me.

Many who will read this know Anna and her humble way of loving those around her...and that is exactly what attracts Bo to his bride to be.

Anna and Bo met at a summer camp (Kanakuk) a few years ago...

It was a few summers later they started dating, endured through long weeks of long distance, adjusted to similar lives in Kansas City, and are now getting married in just a few weeks!

I had the most wonderful pleasure and gift of getting to travel to Kansas City with none other than Anna's sweet mother

(shout out to Holly make ominous circumstances so much more joyful!)

and see where the new chapter of Anna's life will begin.

Thank you to Holly for everything that week and being such a great travel buddy, to Bo's family and friends for taking Anna in and for making me feel so welcome, and to Bo for being such a great sport;)

To Anna...

God has taught me so much through you my is that much sweeter when you're around. I'm so proud of who you're continually becoming, I'm honored to be your friend, and I can't wait to see what He brings your way in the years to come.

You two are stunning...

I pray God continually blesses you and your's to many years!