You may recognize the following BABY! from a while back.

Payton Pierce is her name...

and once again I'm about to challenge you to not smile/laugh/really really want a baby in your hands after seeing these photos

you can't do it..

Amy looooves photography and learning new ways to work her camera. I met the Pierce's at my church (South Baton Rouge Pres., come join us!) a while back, but I really got to know them by getting to use Amy as my very own guinea pig!

Eager to learn all about photography, Amy was my first attempt at showing first hand how to capture people's story with a lens.

And..while I have a lot to learn about teaching, ironically enough, I fell in love with a certain someone being in front of that lens while tagging along with her mom.

Jason wanted to get Amy something she'd wanted for a while for mother's day...a super fun downtown photo shoot!

I of course couldn't complain...

Jason and Amy, you have no idea what a photogenic family you have. Thanks for the opportunity to teach and spend time with you.

Payton, you're too beautiful. We all can't take it.

Love to all,