Baton Rouge Family Portrait Photographer...

It's not too late to get your Baton Rouge family holiday portrait sessions done! Lately, I've had the joy of hanging out with all kinds of fun families and  capturing exciting seasons for these little ones...for many,  it's their first Holiday Season!!

Here's a few of my favorite family photos from a shoot I did with some dear friends of mine. Who says Baton Rouge doesn't get colorful in the fall!? Their front yard sure does!

Take a look at these and reminisce about the amazing weather we had last week...since this week isn't as much in our favor!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!


BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-3996 BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4006 BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4267 BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4120 BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4131


BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4448 BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4419 BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4624 BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4626 BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4627 BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4759 BatonRougeFamilyPortraitPhotographer-4849 Thanks for stopping by!!