Jacob & Jessica...Baton Rouge Anniversary Portraits [Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer]

Jacob and Jessica were married two years ago after meeting each other when they were both involved in Teach For America.

They wanted to celebrate their 2 years with a photo shoot in Baton Rouge to commemorate their time here.

I have to say, I love the idea of anniversary shoots. For a couple like Jacob and Jessica, they're not sure they will be staying in Baton Rouge for the long run so what a cool way to stop time and have keepsakes and heirlooms from this time in their marriage! So be thinking about an anniversary shoot for your spouse. No matter what year it is or what season you're in, it can be a really neat way to celebrate!

Jacob and Jessica were pros at this photo shoot thing too because they've already had their engagement and wedding photography done. We had a ton of fun at some iconic Baton Rouge staples that will hopefully serve as wonderful memories for these two wherever they go from here:)

Congratulations Jacob and Jessica! You guys are a blast:)

Jacob&Jessica-0993 Jacob&Jessica-0999 Jacob&Jessica-1055 Jacob&Jessica-1068


Jacob&Jessica-1264 Jacob&Jessica-1267 Jacob&Jessica-1272 Jacob&Jessica-1295

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