Jacquelyn and Patrick

Back in the swing and so happy to be.

The weather has been amazing and it's a perfect time for exploring and photo taking!

Jacquelyn is one of my wonderful friends from college.

She has continually been an encouragement and light-hearted, gospel-centered buddy of mine.

I remember having lunch with Jacquelyn at Zoe's (our date place:)) a couple years ago...and we had girl talk about the future and getting married one day. I remember her talking about how much she trusted God with that detail of her life, knowing it will happen and in his perfect timing. It was a refreshing and encouraging conversation.

And now I have the unbelievable privilege and joy of shooting her wedding in a few weeks!

To Jacquelyn and Patrick...you two are bunch of cuties!!

 I'm so so excited and happy for you and ready to celebrate this awesome beginning:)

Thanks for stopping by,