Caroline & Dave...Mardi Gras World, New Orleans

People used to ask me if I was planning to move for my photography business.

There were many reasons people one would ask such

(one being that I often dream of owning a sailboat and spending every afternoon on the water

and well...there aren't a whole lot of sailboats in Lousiana)

Another is because I started this business during my last year of college and who doesn't dream of moving to some exotic location like

San Francisco, Seattle, or...Georgia?

I'll admit that these are the "sexy" places to live as a wedding photographer.

(You can't be mistaken when every. single. wedding blog highlights the "Most charming Seattle romance with the perfect amount of sparkle" )

Don't get me wrong...Seattle and San Francisco and New York and...Georgia are all wonderful places with charming weddings!

But there's one they underestimate...

Only in South Louisiana....New Orleans to be exact...does a couple insist on having their engagement photos at none other than

Mardi Gras World!!

For those who don't know...Mardi Gras World is where all the floats for every Mardi Gras parade are designed, constructed, painted, and sent out to grace the streets of Nola every year:)

Both Caroline and Dave are South Louisiana born and raised.

I'll keep my cajun-french-crazy-fun lovin-cultured couples any day.


(what day is it?)

to all!