Allie, Ben, Jack & Isaac

So we made it back from Vegas in one piece...which due to the most eventful flight of my entire life, I didn't know I would be able to say today.

no I'm not just being dramatic.

I mean I am being dramatic, but I promise I have good reason.

Just trust me.

Vegas was awesome though! I learned so so much.

for those who don't know, Kate and I skipped off to Vegas this week for the biggest photographer's conference there is!

and I learned a ton!

It was all the opposite of what I expected to learn though.

More on that later.

I shot Allie and Ben's engagements a few days before I left.

Which was quite appropriate because Allie is a fellow photographer!!!

A lot of photographers get a little extra nervous when they shoot fellow photographers...and that's understandable.

But I find it quite a joy to get to shoot artists. It just makes the whole experience a different kind of special.

Allie & Ben are adorable together.

you'll see.

Ben is an artist as well with a voice and a guitar..and their dogs make every day a little more exciting:)

More on their story in the fall after their amazing wedding.

Can't wait!

Never been so happy and energized to be back in the office


worst. flight. ever.

just trust me

Happy Thursday!