Rebekah, Read, & Hwy 61



Every time I go home....home home that is....I take Hwy 61.

I'm convinced...and not many people agree with me...that the drive between right outside of Zachary to Natchez, Mississippi is some of the most beautiful in the South.

Some people are turning their nose up. But I have driven alllll over the South. trust me.

Now I'm not claiming the entire country. I'll be the first to admit, driving in North Carolina, Maine, or even Arizona is 10 times more beautiful than what most of Louisiana has to's true. God just held out a little from Louisiana, but it's cause He knew we could be happy enough with our 90 degree Leap Days and pockets of Magnolias/lakes to give us a taste of what the rest of the world gets on a daily basis.

The other thing Louisiana has going for it is that it's home...and North Carolina or Maine or Arizona can't compete with that!

So anyway...agree or disagree, but I think 61 is beautiful. And tucked behind the trees all along this little stretch of Heaven is St. Francisville.

Rebekah and Read had been dating for about 4 years before they got engaged.

Rebekah is a sweet friend of mine from college and such an extremely talented artist!

Which everyone knows I love shooting artists.....

with a camera.

I actually just realized I'm drinking out of one of her ceramics cups as I write!!!!!!!

I didn't even plan that.

So we went and played in St. Francisville for their engagements. Rebekah did an amazing job of picking what is one of the most beautiful spots I've ever had the joy of shooting.

These two will be getting married at the end of March here in Baton Rouge..

God's country:)


Hope everyone used their extra day wisely.

Happy Thursday,