Rebecca & Daniel, Books A Million, and the month of March

Why do big things happen all at once?

February left much to be desired in the realm of exciting..ness.

But March, oh March, how it never fails me.

March has always somehow seemed like a busy month.

Now don't think I'm complaining...because I'm definitely not.

With March there have already been countless shoots, my first ever real life fruit growing in my first ever real life garden, brand new sunshine that hasn't graced us with its presence in what seems like several months, reflection and revamping of my business... post-WPPI, and not to mention a huge East Baton Rouge Teacher I got to be on the front lines of.

I like doing different things.

I looooveee shooting different things.

It's inspiring.

With all that said there's much to talk about in the near future.

Whether I'll have time to do so is still up in the air:)

But for now I'll post a few from another precious couple of their engagements.

Rebecca and Daniel will be getting married this summer in LaPlace, Louisiana.

Their first date and several after took place at Books A Million in Monroe, Louisiana. So it was only appropriate to capture them there after the ever so reliable Baton Rouge rain graced us with its presence in the middle of our shoot.

Here's the lovely couple....and stay tuned for teacher protest pics coming hopefully sooner rather than later.

thanks for stopping by,