Jaylyn, Brian, and a wedding in one month!

You may remember Jaylyn and Brian from a few months ago when we "cooked" up a little celebration for their engagement

cheesecake style.

Just to jog your memory you can see the deliciousness here.

Jaylyn is one of my very bestest friends and has been such a vital and beautiful part of my college experience, my Baton Rouge experience, my friendship/ hardship/ sanctification experience...and oh so much more!

Jaylyn has taught me to be organized!!

She has been in massive support and on the front lines with Claire Elyse Photography and my dreams for it literally since day one.

Some of you may know her as my assistant at your wedding.

Others may know her as that girl with the stunning blue eyes.

I know her as work buddy, roommate, prayer warrior, amazing cook, dreamer, road trip-the-country companion, and so so much more.

Has anyone ever been able to put into words how special being in someone's wedding is?

If so, I'd like to read that article.

Sometimes words don't do excitement justice.

I get to stand in Jaylyn and Brian's wedding one month from today. (This is quite surreal because they've been engaged for


I can say this because..well...I can. It's been forever.)

But what a worthwhile wait.

Brian and Jaylyn are one of those couples that just make sense together. And they have from the very beginning. One of my favorite things about their engagement was how meticulous Brian was about the ring. He and I would secretly meet up at the same restaurant every time there was a new development and discuss every detail of each ring he was thinking about getting because he wanted her to absolutely love it.

Just as special as being in someone's wedding is knowing that it's right..

I'm honored to stand next to them in one month and show my support and belief that this one is good and oh so blessed by our gracious and loving God.

Love you friends,