Tony, Laura & Ruby

So it's 7:00 am..

The things I say today may make no sense.

Did anyone realize May was coming up?

(Happy Birthday Jaylyn by the way:))

With the craziest wedding season I've ever experienced...

and multiple..multiple shoots a week and month...

and so many weddings coming up

(I promise I'm not complaining:))

there has been this fear in me...and sometimes it's not just been a fear....that I'll burn out. That I am burnt out.

In college while taking multiple photography classes a semester I promised myself time and time again that I wouldn't get burnt out on photography. "I love it too much" I would think.

And it's so true...I love it. But God has reminded me that work here on earth is not perfect and will at the end of some days still be work.

But THEN...

I get to do a Friday afternoon shoot with a trio like this one.

Tony, Laura, and Ruby were a gasp of fresh air in the midst of a crazy crazy week and month.

I'm so thankful God does use that we love...maybe for you work that you don't love so be our blessings in disguise at times and to bring us back to what matters...and hopefully in your case, even if you hate your bring you back to thanksgiving knowing that you're provided for.

It may sound crazy, but I think my favorite part of this job is when a couple, a family, a grandmother, a ring bearer...whoever it is knows how to play...with each other and with those around them!

Sadly, I won't be able to shoot Tony and Laura's wedding...I'll be rocking out at Jaylyn's!...they got engaged at this park back in August and will be married this month!

Tony, Laura, and guys are rockstars. Thanks for a beautiful ending to a crazy week. Thanks for being so fun!

I wish you all the best in your marriage and life together!!

Thanks for letting me be a part of it:)

Thanks for stopping by,