Kelsey & Patton

I met the couple you're about to see in probably the coolest way I've ever met "clients" before.

Kelsey and Patton are actually my neighbors.

We first met Kelsey as Kate and I were frantically moving in to our new apartment in the middle of October.

Kelsey was scooting by us on our shared balcony about to head to New Orleans and mentioned she and Patton were engaged.

My sweet friend Allison, who you've met here a few times, of course being the wonderful friend that she is suggested to Kelsey that she should most certainly allow me to shoot her wedding:)

And a few months later here we are!

I've said it before many times, but the most rewarding part of all of this is when clients are so much more...they're friends. Kelsey, Patton, Kate, and I live in, what is in my opinion, one of the best areas to live in Baton Rouge.

Spanishtown is right next to Louisiana's capitol building, a pleasant walk to all things downtown, and about 2 seconds from the river.

It is a place where you run into sweet neighbors at dinner on the town, walking down our tree-covered street, and when running the Tuesday night Happy's 5K's.

(which by the way, Kate and I did for the first time randomly last night and it reminded me that I don't care what anyone says...Baton Rouge is so fun!!)

Kelsey and Patton,

I can honestly say I can't stinking wait for your wedding next year! We're going to have a blast:)

Thanks for stopping by,